Sheffield On A Plate

The Sheffield on a Plate project has now finished. Inspired by Sheffield on a Plate? Want to carry on the good work?

If you’re a Hallam student check out

If you’re a University of Sheffield student check out

College students can see more info about the College’s sustainability strategy here:

Sheffield on a Plate was a partnership project involving the 3 main further and higher education institutions of Sheffield, the local community food network, Grow Sheffield, and Fareshare Yorkshire.

We raised sustainability awareness amongst students and staff in higher education, further education and the communities of Sheffield through a focus on food.

Time to say Goodbye- the end of Sheffield on a Plate

It’s time to say goodbye!
After 2 great years Rethinking Food and inspiring students and others across the great city of Sheffield to do the same, the Sheffield on a Plate project is coming to a close.
Thank you all for your support, enthusiasm and input, and keep doing great things!

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Webinars- learn from our experience

After 2 years of trying many different projects across a broad city-wide partnership, we’re running a webinar series so you can learn from our successes… and our mistakes!

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Volunteering options- June 2015

There are so many ways you can volunteer to help Sheffield on a Plate’s local food sustainability mission in 2015. NEW OPPORTUNITIES NOW AVAILABLE

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Sheffield on a Plate Summer Food Drive 2015

It’s summer and time for the Sheffield on a Plate end of term Food Drive, taking place at all 3 institutions. Details in this article are for Uni of Sheffield only, other sites to follow…

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Let's celebrate what we've achieved together! By eating!

If you’ve been involved in Sheffield on a Plate in any way at all over the last 2 years, come along to this fun-and-food-filled evening on 6th May as we celebrate our achievements together!

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