Sheffield On A Plate

We are a partnership project involving the 3 main further and higher education institutions of Sheffield, the local community food network, Grow Sheffield, and Fareshare Yorkshire.

We aim to raise sustainability awareness amongst students and staff in higher education, further education and the communities of Sheffield through a focus on food.

Cooking together is brilliant- here's how to get started

Cooking together is brilliant- a wonderful way to bond with friends and housemates, to know what’s going into your food, share the load and reduce food waste

All you need is the confidence to give it a go! Here’s how to get started

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Buy local this year and support the Sheffield growing economy

Half of the turnover of an independent local retailer goes back into the local community, while just 5% of the turnover of a supermarket does ( Thankfully, there is a thriving independent sector in Sheffield- support them and make 2015 the Year of the Local

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Don't put good food in the bin! Here's how...

Every year in the UK we throw away 15 million tonnes of food… and almost half of that comes from households. Yet with social & environmental food problems on the increase, now’s the time to stop putting good food in the bin. Here’s how…

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#BuyUgly - where & why to get wonky fruit & veg in Sheffield

A shocking up to 40% of UK fruit and veg gets rejected for being “ugly” before it even leaves the farm. It’s time for the ugly veg fightback!

(credit to Sheffield’s very own vegetable entertainer Madame Zucchini for the beautiful ugly veg image!)

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Food Poverty is a scandal- how to help fight it

Over 40,000 people in Sheffield are in Food poverty, and the number of food banks giving emergency food aid to people in crisis has grown from just 3 in 2010 to 11 today. What is going on and how can we help?

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Inspire the next generation

Inspire the next generation- deliver food sustainability tutorials at Sheffield college

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Food Champion Training- Open to All

Pick up key skills – for life and for teaching others- with this great training from “Love Food Hate Waste”. Open to all.

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Big Herb Giveaway

Big Herb Giveaway is back! Grow your own flavour for your food for free!

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The SusSEd Programme is back for 2015

SusSED is Sustainability skills and education- a great chance to learn something new in your lunchbreak

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